Simple Meter

Blue Cat`s Widening Meter Pro 1.0

Blue Cat`s Widening Meter Pro 1.0: Monitor and Convert Mid-Side Peak and RMS levels to MIDI CC and Automation Blue Cat`s Widening Meter Pro is not available anymore. It has been superseded by the Blue Cat`s Peak Meter Pro 3 plugin which now includes mid-side capabilities.

Teroid Levels Meter 3.0: .NET Windows Forms Levels Meter control
Teroid Levels Meter 3.0

Teroid Levels Meter emulates the LED or LCD meters commonly used on electronic or electrical equipment to display numerical information. It can display any number of values using number of segments, axis lines, grid lines and index marks can be displayed, value segments can originate from any of the control`s four sides and all colors can be set individually.

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Altimeter Digital GPS + Map Viewer + Cam 1.0: The most accurate and handly Altimeter is here. It gives you the altitude.
Altimeter Digital GPS + Map Viewer + Cam 1.0

" The most accurate and handly Altimeter is here. It gives you the altitude wherever you are.Simply start the app and altitude will appear in a second, No setup required. You can also adjust Altitude in Feet or Meter as per your requirement. Special feature saved your Max climb rate value.✔ Top Features• GPS signal Receiver• Enhanced Map View• Climb Rate Calculator• Instant Camera for capturing special moments• iOs 4 Tested

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Simple Bandwidth Monitor 1.0: A handy bandwidth monitoring tool
Simple Bandwidth Monitor 1.0

Simple Bandwidth Monitor application was designed to be an efficient tool that will help you monitor your network usage. Here are some key features of Simple Bandwidth Monitor: * Realtime graphical display of your network usage * Daily and Monthly statistics

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